Overview Information

--We do not disinfect houses with present occupants having a Covid 19 disease or any other type infectious disease.
.--We fully stand behind our suppliers in their performance claims of the Electro Static Sprayer and the Vital Oxide Chemical. It is safe to use and safe after the Electro Static Spraying of the house. When we first started, all of the employees houses were "sprayed", all of our family houses were sprayed. All of our close friends houses were sprayed by us. After the "spraying", it dries very quick, and you can enter your home, after we leave.

--We ask that all perishables be stored properly.

--We ask that all valuables such as jewelry be properly secured.

--Our employees will not open any drawers, open any doors, or slide open any doors in any manner. The Employee with the sprayer equipment will only spray surfaces, such as the walls, ceilings, floors and all furniture in each room.

--We are not liable if any person in the house sprayed with our technology is, after, affected by any disease.

--We monitor all of the company employees to make sure no one is working if they feel ill in any manner.

Signed; Virus Busters Company, Palm Desert California.