About the System

How it Works!

To our valued customers,

We are facing an unprecedented situation unlike anything we’ve seen in our lifetime. At this difficult time, we are reminded how important our health is, and how connected we are with one another. Social responsibility, healthy practices, and continuous cleaning / disinfecting are vital in overcoming the challenge the coronavirus COVID-19 presents for all of us.

As a distributor of cleaning solutions, we will remain open to support our customer’s cleaning equipment, repair, detergent and Sanitizers/Disinfectants needs. It is critical to maintain clean and sanitized work environments while producing essential products so turn to us to keep your cleaning and disinfecting practices operational.

Our product line includes Vital Oxide, a safe and effective disinfectant. Vital Oxide is a chlorine dioxide, not to be confused with chlorine or bleach. The product is EPA certified, NSF approved for incidental contact with food. It has been tested on viruses including Norovirus, with full kill success. It can be used full strength as a hospital grade disinfectant or diluted up to 9:1 for sanitizing, mold and mildew killer, carpet and furniture sanitizer. It can also couple as a cleaner. It can be sprayed on, wiped on, used in floor scrubbers and mop buckets.